As a design consultant, professor, author, and creative soul based in the heart of Europe, I have crafted a fulfilling career embracing a wide spectrum of graphic, digital, interactive, and brand design. My professional journey found its rhythm in 2010, a point from which I have balanced the realms of professional engagement and academia, with experiences spanning from the dynamic environment of agencies like Leo Burnett to the scholarly halls of the University of Applied Sciences Ulm.

I established “de Gerbaulet”, my design consultancy, with a vision to guide brands through the intricate dance of strategy, design, and innovation. Each project I undertake is a journey of exploration, aiming to foster a symphony of ideas that resonate with the core essence of the brands I work with.

In academia, my role as a professor at the University of Applied Sciences Ulm has become a conduit for sharing and nurturing knowledge. I see my lectures as more than just sessions of knowledge transfer; they are dialogues of curiosity, where the next generation of designers finds the rhythm of creative thinking.

2011 marked my venture into authorship with the publication of “Communication Design as a Brand”, under the banner of Norman Beckmann Publishing, Hamburg. This work became a springboard for various engaging discussions within the design community, notably at the TYPO Berlin Design Conference.

My quest for continual learning led me to a Master’s program in Leadership in Digital Communication at the University of the Arts Berlin and the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland) in 2014. This academic endeavor not only honed my leadership skills but also widened my perspective in the ever-evolving narrative of design.

The recognition my work has received in the form of various design awards is a testament to the collaborative and innovative spirit I strive to uphold. My journey, enriched by meaningful interactions, cherished projects, and an unwavering passion for design, continues to evolve, celebrating the harmonious blend of creativity and practicality in the design landscape.

— Damian Gerbaulet