As a design consultant, professor, author, and creative based in Europe, I have built a diverse career spanning graphic, digital, interactive, and brand design. My professional path took shape in 2010, balancing roles in both industry and academia. I've worked in settings ranging from the agency environment of Leo Burnett to academic venues like the University of Applied Sciences Ulm.

I founded my consultancy, “de Gerbaulet,” to help brands navigate the complexities of strategy, design, and innovation. My approach to each project is exploratory, aiming to align closely with a brand's essence.

In my academic role at the University of Applied Sciences Ulm, I focus on fostering knowledge and encouraging creative dialogue among the next generation of designers.

In 2011, I entered the realm of publishing with “Communication Design as a Brand,” which has stimulated discussions in the design community, including at the TYPO Berlin Design Conference.

I pursued a Master’s in Leadership in Digital Communication in 2014 at the University of the Arts Berlin and the University of St. Gallen, enhancing my leadership skills and broadening my design perspective.

The recognition I’ve received through various design awards underscores my commitment to collaboration and innovation. My career is marked by continuous learning, valued collaborations, and a passion for blending creativity with practicality in design.

— Damian Gerbaulet